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The Sandbox Partners with the Carrefour Supermarket to Launch NFBEEs NFTs

The Sandbox, a virtual gaming metaverse, has announced its partnership with Carrefour Supermarket to launch a unique set of adorable NFTs it calls NFBEEs. The NFBEEs family comprises veggie or fruit-inspired cute little bees. The NFT collection is available through the Sandbox Marketplace from May 7, 2022, at 4 pm UTC.

It is worth mentioning that all profits acquired from the sale of the NFTs will be deposited with the BeeFund of the Foundation de France. This is a French NGO that supports the preservation of bees.

What are the NFBEEs NFTs?

The NFBEEs are unique NFTs. They offer their owners some virtual and physical perks, depending on the level of scarcity of the NFT. There are seven types of NFBEEs and each has unique traits and qualities. 

Highlights of the NFBEEs NFTs Types

NFBee Chubby Pear: This is a breed of Pear pollinator and she belongs to the Common rarity level. She is a foodie and nothing makes her happy than inviting her to a nice restaurant.

NFBee Roasted Tomato: This belongs to the breed of Tomato pollinator. He is lively and has a great personality. He radiates such warmth that comes as small fires whenever he gets excited. NFBee Roasted Tomato is a Common rarity.


NFBee Shy Apricot: This is an Apricot pollinator and although she is shy and doesn’t open up to people immediately when she finally does, you will find a loyal friend in her. She is friendly and cute when she opens up to you. NFBee Shy Apricot belongs to the Common rarity NFTs.

NFBee Generous Grape: This is a Grape pollinator and it belongs to the Rare rarity level. NFBee Generous Grape is a kind and generous NFBee and he is always willing to offer little grapes floating all around him to friends.

NFBee Smart Apple: This is another rare NFT known as the Apple pollinator. As a little apple he conducted a test and found out that he was somewhat short-sighted, so he wears glasses. After taking an IQ test, NFBee Smart Apple discovers that he has a 149 IQ, making him a smart fella.

NFBee Sunny Orange: This is an Epic NFT known as an Orange pollinator. He is a happy fellow and spending a beautiful day in the sun makes him the happiest. He also hates rainy days.

NFBee_nfluencer: This is a Legendary NFT and the rarest of them all. She left the hive in 2019 to become an Instagram influencer. Her goal was to generate awareness of the significance of bees and protect her species. She is reborn to keep the cause alive in the metaverse and she is the leader of the NFBEES in this mission.

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