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Is Pokemon Entering into the NFTs and Metaverse

We all loved Pokemon! From Pikachu to other characters, each character has our heart! Can you imagine entering into a Pokemon metaverse and walking alongside Pikachu? This could be a possibility in the near future as we have found The Pokemon Company is looking to enter into the metaverse. A late but overdue leap of faith. 

The Pokemon Company is responsible for the production, publishing, marketing, and licensing of the franchise. And the franchise, as we all know, consists of video games, anime series, films, and whatnot! They make the decisions related to the Pokemon series and everything is under their control. However, fans noticed their latest job description and some bells started ringing. 

A Brief Overview of the Job Description by Pokemon


There was a job opening by The Pokemon Company International based in Renton, WA, just two days ago. Let’s see what we’ve got here…

First of all, the job summary clearly states the role will be a key decision-maker in the company. The candidate will be able to work on corporate strategy, development, and innovation. One of the points also mentions that the candidate will have the ability to assess and work on new ideas. 

In what “you’ll bring section,” a bullet stated, The Company is looking for a Corporate Development Principal.” The first part of the job description was very usual. It was the second part that attracted eyeballs. The second part stated, “with ‘Deep Knowledge’ and understanding of Web3 and metaverse.” 

Apart from this, the same points also mention terminologies, such as “Blockchain Technologies” and “NFTs,” to clearly indicate their interest in the web3. 

Also, the job description explicitly mentions the potential candidate should have a deep connection with the investor’s network. This job description sounds interesting. It is certainly a leap forward for Pokemon trying to test the waters with a candidate who’s been into the deep seas of Web3 and NFTs. 

Furthermore, according to The Company, the potential candidate must have connections with Web3 and metaverse entrepreneurs. 

Verdict and the future

Since this news has been circulating on social media, people have different takes on this news. Crypto and NFT freaks have somewhat contended with the news. However, many fans are disappointed at the slow and late decisions of The Pokemon Company.

Additionally, this news may not affect the crypto freaks as there are already terribly massive amounts of franchises working restlessly to get ahead of their times and bring new tech for them. However, fans hope the new candidate brings positive changes to the company and at least forces the company to become robust. 

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