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MIR4 Issues Wayfarer Travel Open Schedule for January

Since the update of the Wayfarer Travel, there have been quite a number of changes in its schedule. With the year coming to an end, MIR4 issues the Wayfarer Travel Open Schedule for January 2022. It also outlines adjustments to the various servers. Alongside this schedule release, the game also fixes a number of patches that were occurring in certain devices. This announcement was made via their forum channel. Here is all you need to know about the Wayfarer Travel Open Schedule for January.

Details of the Wayfarer Travel Open Schedule for January

This new schedule will cover the 6th edition to the 9th edition of the Wayfarer Travel. In the year 2022, MIR4 will open certain servers in a consecutive order. The new server schedule will take effect from the 6th of January 2022. Until then, the current server schedule will continue to operate. Unlike previous server updates, there will be changes in the list of available server for various regions. Below are the changes that will occur from the 4th of January to the 24th of January 2022:

Server Details of Wayfarer Travel Open Schedule for January

Also, there will be a server restart for the ASIA124 server. This restart will occur on Friday the 31st of December 2021. The time for this restart is 3:00 PM in the UTC+8 timezone. 30 minutes before the period of this restart, players will not be able to use portals or perform raids. MIR4 advises players using that server to log out with 30 minutes to one hour before before the time of restart.

Other Issues in the Wayfarer Travel

MIR4 is well aware of some issues currently facing gameplay. One of which is the abrupt closure of the game client. This often occur when Clan members try to cooperate in Clan tech. It is seriously working towards resolving the issue. Players should expect a more stable gaming environment from MIR4.

On the good side, MIR4 finally fixes the issue of not being able to move items you purchase from the EXD market to the inventory. With this issue resolved, kindly take the following steps to effect it in your game players. If you are using a PC, close and restart the game to download the patch and play. For those using Google, Galaxy, iOS devices, close and restart the app to download the patch and play.

Finally, MIR4 is warning players against trying to tamper with game data. This comes after it had to ban no less than 363,430 for using unauthorized programs to manipulate game data. If your account was banned by error, you can submit a ticket on the MIR4 Official website.

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