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Infinity Arena Announces NFT Guardian Packs Offering

Infinity Arena has announced plans to roll out the NFT Guardian Packs in the coming days. As players venture into the Zeronium metaverse, they will encounter more powerful adversaries. Equipping themselves with these digital assets increases their chances of overcoming these NPCs.

What are Guardians?

Guardians are very powerful entities living within the Zeronium universe. Existing in hundreds, they have different rarity levels, special abilities and elemental factors. These creatures are the best company for Heroes on the quest to overcome the dark side and restore parity.

Before joining the army, Guardians take an oath to protect the Hero they accompany into the corners of the metaverse. They do this very diligently, even at the cost of their own lives. Considering their importance, players are expected to take 30 Guardian NFTs before going into battle.

Details of Infinity Arena NFT Guardian Packs Collection Sale

Infinity Arena NFT Guardian Packs Collection

There are two ways to get these in-game characters. One way to do so is by wandering through the Infinity Arena metaverse and recruiting them one by one. This is a more cautious and meticulous approach. On the other hand, you can purchase NFT Guardian packs containing all 30.

NFT Guardian packs are tradable digital assets available on the Infinity Arena Marketplace. Purchasing a collection gives buyers 30 random in-game characters. These avatars will have varying rarities, depending on the pack’s level. Getting higher-grade packs increases a player’s chances of getting more sophisticated and powerful non-fungible tokens.

For better clarity, there are 4 rarity levels of these digital items. They are ranked from low to high in the order below:

  • Veteran
  • Master
  • Legendary
  • Elite

Infinity Arena is offering 100 units of the NFT Guardian Packs for sale by 08:00 AM UTC on the 29th of March. Within this period, they will be able to purchase the following digital assets:

  • 20 Elite Guardian Packs: 100,000 $INAZ per pack
  • 20 Legendary Guardian Packs: 70,000 $INAZ per pack
  • 30 Master Guardian Packs: 40,000 $INAZ per pack
  • 30 Veteran Guardian Packs: 20,000 $INAZ per pack

Investors will purchase these digital assets via a mystery box on the Infinity Arena Marketplace. While the sale will take place on the 29th, buyers must wait two days before accessing it. This is because unboxing will take place on the 31st of March. This is the same date as the Battle PVP Betting Mode launch

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