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Avegotchi Set to Auction Gotchiverse Land Parcels

After the long periods of anticipating and waiting, Avegotchi is set to launch parcels of lands in Gotchiverse. This auction is in line with the development of the Avegotchi metaverse. Players will be able to battle, earn and socialize as they explore the treasures of the Gotchiverse soon enough. However, they will need “lands” where they can build. Hence, the importance of this launch.

Details of the Gotchiverse Auction

The first edition of the Gotchiverse land sale will last for only three days. So better be ready to make the most of this special event. Parcels of lands will be available for auction from the 28th of October, 2021 at 2PM UTC. The parcels of land within the Gotchi Citadel will be the first parcels available for sale.

Seems Avegotchi is offering the best parcels in the Gotchiverse for sale first. This is because the Citadel is the safest farming destination in the metaverse. Players or investors who buy lands from this places will be able to play and farm Gotchis in peace. Lack of liquidators makes it the prime real estate in this metaverse. REALM Land Parcel Auction involves 16,000 parcels in the Citadel. Each parcel will be sold in independent auctions.

In simpler terms, there will be no maximum or minimum bidding prices. Bidding will end at 2Pm UTC on the 31st of October 2021 (which is also Halloween). However, some auctions may extend to “hammer time”. This is a twenty minutes’ extension from the end of the general auction. Hammer time will only occur when a users places a bid towards the end of the general auction.

Different Land Parcels Sizes and Prices


Parcels of lands will come in three sizes and each of them will provide different deposits of Alchemica. The bigger the sizes, the more the amount of Alchemica deposits. The smallest size of parcel is the Humble land parcels. They make up 40% of the parcels. However, they only contain small desposits of Alchemica. The space available for building is also small.

After the Humble parcels are the Reasonable parcels. They are like the middle ground in the different parcel sizes. Reasonables contains a sizable land spaces for building in the metaverse. They also contain good amounts of Alchemica for players to use. Like Humble parcels, Reasonables also contain 40% of the available land parcels for auction.

Spacious are the biggest parcels of land available for auction. They offer significant portions of land that players can use for farming.  They also contain bountiful deposits of Alchemica available for players. With land parcels, players can use their Gotchis and those of other players to farm their lands. Farming will produce Gotchus Alchemica. These are resources that players can combine to create installations and produce more yield.

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