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The Sandbox Releases its New Game Client Version: 0.9.7 is Here!

The highly anticipated version 0.9.7 of The Sandbox Game Client has finally arrived, bringing with it a series of innovations that promise to revolutionize the gaming experience.

One of the highlights of this update is the complete overhaul of the user interface. Animated elements, visual enhancements in portraits, minimaps, and inventory have been implemented to provide users with a more immersive and easily navigable experience. This interface revitalization not only focuses on aesthetics but also functionality, aiming to make engagement in The Sandbox more accessible and appealing.

In terms of gameplay, version 0.9.7 introduces substantial changes. Avatars will now experience oxygen consumption while diving, adding a strategic element to aquatic experiences. Additionally, a fall damage system will be employed. Where the height from which an avatar falls will affect the amount of damage received. These changes not only add realism but also an additional layer of challenge to experiences in the metaverse.

The social dimension of The Sandbox has also undergone improvements in this new version. The Vivox chat system has been replaced with the Agora system, offering a smoother and more effective communication experience. Now, players can easily see the online or offline status of their friends, and badges have been introduced to highlight landowners and ambassadors in the community.

the sandbox new release

The Sandbox Enhances Every Corner of the Metaverse

Regarding performance, version 0.9.7 will implement an enhanced engine that promises a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Loading times have been significantly reduced. A relevancy system has been implemented to optimize the synchronization of relevant information in multiplayer environments, reducing network and CPU usage.

The new Rules System is another prominent addition in this version. It provides creators with an advanced logic layer that allows them to connect various elements within the experience through messages. Offering unprecedented flexibility for the creation of unique and more complex gameplay mechanics.

The Sandbox continues to update constantly to provide an increasingly better and more innovative service to its community. Aiming not only to retain existing players but also to attract new enthusiasts and interested individuals.

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