Qorbi World Presents its New Pet Egg System
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NFT Game Qorbi World Unveils Pet Egg System

Qorbi World has announced an exciting release that promises to revolutionize the dynamics of the game: the pet egg system.

These adorable pets are not just accessories; They are fundamental elements that grant unique abilities to players within the Qorbi World ecosystem.

In the current game, known as One Tap, these pets play a crucial role on the battlefield, offering players special abilities that can change the course of a 1v1 combat over multiple rounds.

From the stealthy chameleon that allows you to become completely transparent for a few seconds to the stealthy octopus that can blind your opponent by blocking 80% of their screen with an inkblot, each pet has its own distinctive ability.

The most exciting news is that the first four pets – Jaguar, Turtle, Chameleon and Octopus – will be available for free via an egg in a distribution event called Mint.

Additionally, each pet has three versions of eggs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Once a player collects all three eggs corresponding to a pet, they can redeem them for that specific pet through the official Qorbi World website.

There is the possibility of purchasing these eggs at low cost through authorized sellers in Qorbi

These pets are not simply game items; They are also valuable digital collectibles that have value both in-game and out of the game.

Qorbi World Revolutionizes the Gaming Experience: Pets with Unique Abilities Arrive

It has been revealed that the abilities granted by these pets in the One Tap game will have a direct impact on future games within the Qorbi World universe, making them high-value digital investments.

The One Tap game is now available in beta for all Qorbi World community members and NFT holders. Enthusiasts are invited to download it on their PCs and join this exciting adventure.

This is just the beginning of a new era in gaming, where digital pets are not only adorable companions, but also powerful allies in the quest for victory.

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