Gotchi Guardians: Exciting First Public Playtest Reveals a World of Strategy and Survival
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Aavegotchi Announces Gotchi Guardians Playtest

The gaming world is about to witness an exciting milestone with the Aavegotchi announcement of the first public testing event for the Gotchi Guardians game.

Developed by Pixelcraft Studios and based on the innovative Aavegotchi protocol, this new title promises a unique gaming experience with tower defense and survival elements, along with a focus on multiplayer gameplay.

The playtest event, scheduled to begin on December 1 at 2 PM UTC, will allow players to immerse themselves in this new virtual world all weekend long.

This unparalleled opportunity will provide gaming enthusiasts with the chance to thoroughly immerse themselves in and actively participate within the world of Gotchi Guardians ahead of its official unveiling.

Aavegotchi presents its new game as an exciting strategy, survival and tower defense adventure

With its combination of multiplayer elements and innovative gameplay mechanics, this title is expected to capture the attention of gamers eager for new experiences in the world of gaming.

The game is based on Pixelcraft Studios’ Aavegotchi protocol, which has been gaining attention in the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) space.

Gotchi Guardians: Get Ready to Dive into the First Public Playtest Event

Aavegotchi presents players with the chance to possess and exchange distinctive NFT pets, thereby fostering a dynamic environment where Gotchi Guardians emerges as the upcoming thrilling inclusion.

The invitation to participate in the playtest event will be made through official channels, probably through the game’s social networks and the Pixelcraft Studios website.

Information regarding the process of participation in the event and the means to engage within the immersive realm of Gotchi Guardians will be disseminated, ensuring that all individuals keen on involvement can partake and contribute to this thrilling phase in the progression of blockchain and NFT-centric gaming.

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