DeFi Kingdoms Launches New Update and Warrior Class
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DeFi Kingdoms Launches New Update and Warrior Class

DeFi Kingdoms, a game, a DEX, and a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, has announced its latest update, Patch 1.2.0, which introduces the Warrior class and many other features and improvements. The Warrior is the fourth hero to have its skill codex unlocked, allowing players to customize their abilities and strategies. 

The Warrior can choose from three disciplines: Gladiator, Juggernaut, and Bloodthirst, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It can also use different weapons, such as one-handed maces and shields, or two-handed weapons.

DeFi Kingdoms’ Update Addresses Other Issues

The update also adds the Pass Turn mechanic, which lets heroes skip their turn and gain initiative. This can open up new tactical options and synergies. Moreover, the update changes some skill formulas to use dynamic stats, which makes heroes more rewarding for their specific attributes. The accuracy formula and status effects, such as Daze, Stun, and Taunt, have also been tweaked for better balance and gameplay.

DeFi Kingdoms Launches New Update and Warrior Class

The update also addresses some feedback from the Void Hunters, who have been battling the Mad Boars in the Void Hunt mode. The HP growth of higher-level boars has been reduced, and their behavior has been adjusted to make the fights more enjoyable and challenging.

If you want to know the transaction history of any item on the game, now, it’s possible to access this information. Select the Equipment tooltip and position your cursor over the Sales History tooltip located in the lower right corner. This will display the last ten sales entries for the item in question. This feature allows you to make more informed purchases.

The update is live now and can be accessed through the DeFi Kingdoms website. Players can also join the DeFi Kingdoms community on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube to stay updated and share their experiences. DeFi Kingdoms is a web3 game that combines gaming, DeFi, and NFTs in a nostalgic fantasy pixel art setting.

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