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CafeCosmos Announces the Raise of $2.2 Million Seed Round

CafeCosmos, a Web3-focused technology created by MetaVision Labs, announces that it raised a $2.2 million seed round led by Spartan Group and Animoca Brands. Suffice to mention that the seed round of funding was also supported by key strategic persons.

The platform has revealed that the raised funds will be used for the building of the MetaVision multiverse. This is a large network of inter-connected cross-chain social gaming expanding on DeFi for usage in the game. The new seed funding is expected to be a mechanism for the next stage of GameFi.

What Next after the Seed Round of Funding?

Speaking about the new fundraising, the CEO of MetaVision Labs, Nico Rodriguez, mentioned that the game platform is set to change the way people see GameFi. CafeCosmos will introduce never-seen-before user-friendly and cutting-edge DeFi innovation.

With the new strategic investments from partners, the team promises to innovate with the best within the industry to offer the biggest experience for its game’s audience. The executive chairman & co-founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, emphasizes that the creative use and interoperability of on-chain game action of CafeCosmos is a strong attraction for his company.

Seeing that the MetaVision Labs team is consistently pushing DeFi innovation to offer a seamless interface and gamification is something novel and worth supporting.


More Details about CafeCosmos, MetaVision Labs, and Animoca Brands

CafeCosmos is a play-to-earn, fully on-chain tycoon game focused on managing and operating a café. The game offers players a metaverse where they can farm, harvest resources, create cafes, craft, and earn tokens through preparing mouthwatering recipes.

Players can visit and interact with friends in the metaverse, which makes the DeFi an easy-to-use social platform and gaming experience. 

MetaVision Labs is a research-based game studio established to expand the idea of games as protocols. It is an on-chain action metaverse combined with Interoperability features. Using player-centric game design and token engineering, it offers democratized solutions for the growing centralized hyper-casual metaverse. The goal is to give power back to the players. 

Animoca Brands is a leader in the world of blockchain and gamification. Featuring a huge portfolio of more than 150 investments across decentralized projects and NFT-related companies, the company is committed to contributing to growing the open metaverse.

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