Star Atlas Weekly Update
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Star Atlas Releases its Weekly Update

Following the sale of the FML Airbike, Star Atlas issues its weekly update. In this update, the game offers insights into its current progress. Details of the Star Atlas Weekly update was issued via the Star Atlas Notion Site. Here are the details of the game’s roadmap report.

Details of the Star Atlas Weekly Update

As mentioned earlier, this weekly update covers the sale of the FML Airbike. Despite hinting about the sale of the spacecraft, Star Atlas did not give much details as to the success of these bikes. It only state that users can get them from the Star Atlas Marketplace. To further encourage players to use the in-game marketplace, Star Atlas is improving the marketplace exploration. Also, it is adding Terms of Services, Privacy Policy and Cookies to its website.

FML Airbike in Cruise Mode

There are also improvements on the game’s DAO. It is currently undertaking research for better governance solutions. As such, it will be able to develop a perfect profit sharing formula for its community members. By next week, it will determine the parameters for governance and economic incentives.

Improvements are currently coming to Star Atlas’s showroom. It is already developing landscaping models that are almost ready for issuance. Meanwhile, it will continue the alpha modeling and material work of the main showroom. The hall of leadership statues is already being built on. Ship pad terminals in the game are complete and almost ready for launch.

Other projects that have been completed include:

  • SCORE – Ship Missions TIER 0
  • Engine Room
  • Factory Module
  • Player Profiles – TIER 0
  • Faction Selection & Leaderboards
  • ATLAS and POLIS Launch
  • Meta-poster Release Framework
  • Assets Marketplace & Inventory
  • Cinematic Trailer
  • Website v2.0
  • Mini-game Framework & Marketplace

About Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies. The game features an intergalactic universe open-world, space exploration and grand strategy MMORPG. Like most blockchain games, it also employ the play-and-earn mechanics of blockchain technology to foster player ownership. Users own and pilot ships, while engaging in trade, commerce, and battle with other players over scarce resources.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol ensures a serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at and send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them into the Faction Fleet.

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