Five Boards and No Days Off Flash Challenges
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NBA Top Shot Launches Five Boards and No Days Off Flash Challenges

NBA Top Shot is launching new flash challenges this week. This includes a single challenge and another challenge set to run for the entire week. They include the Five Boards and No Days Off Flash Challenges. Announcement of these new challenges was made via the Top Shot Blog. Details are as follows.

Five Boards Flash Challenge

The Five Boards challenge launches on February 7th on the NBA Top Shot Challenges and Quests Page. This flash challenge focuses on NBA games taking place on the 7th of February, 2022. To participate, create an entry using the Challenge Builder. More so, this entry will feature the first player to grab five rebounds from each team in games played on February 7th.

For each game, you will have two players for your challenge entry. Users MUST submit their challenge entries by 12:59:59 PM PST on February 8th. By that time, NBA Top Shot will take a snapshot. Any entries after that period will be invalid. Players that keep their entries intact by 1 PM on February 8th will a new Nikola Vučević Metallic Silver FE Moment™ NFT.

No Days Off Flash Challenge

Unlike Five Boards, the No Days Off Flash Challenge will run for the whole week. This challenge begins on February 7th and goes live on February 13th. The venue for this challenge is also the NBA Top Shot Challenges and Quests Page. Furthermore, there will be different challenges for each day.

For February 11th, you will need a moment from a player with the most rebound. On February 13th, the moment will be for players with the most three pointers in a NBA game. Users with their challenge entries intact by 1 PM PST on February 14th will get a new Jayson Tatum Metallic Silver FE Moment™ NFT.

Flash Challenge Rules

Five Boards and No Days Off Challenges

Despite their differences, certain rules still apply to both challenges. Below are

  • Before saving your entry, ensure to delist your moments from the marketplace.
  • After delisting your moment, ensure your entry is still valid.
  • Do not trade or give the moments in your challenge entry until NBA Top Shot distributes rewards to the winners.
  • Before the deadline, ensure that your entries include all the eligible moments.
  • Once the deadline reaches, the game itself will take snapshots of all entries.
  • Players must use the challenge builder to enter challenges. They can also use the builder to edit their challenge entries. This is because its provides the correct name for each entry.
  • Using an incorrect name during a challenge makes your entry invalid/

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