IlluviDex: The Ultimate Hub for Illuvium Universe
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IlluviDex: The Ultimate Hub for Illuvium Universe

Illuvium, the popular blockchain-based gaming platform, has recently revealed its plans to improve and expand its IlluviDex, the online marketplace and guidebook for all Illuvium assets. In a blog post published on October 25, 2023, the product owner of the IlluviDex shared some of the new features and upcoming updates that will enhance the user experience and foster community interaction.

The IlluviDex was launched in 2020 as a platform for trading and purchasing Illuvium assets, such as Illuvials, Weapons, Gear, Augments, and more. It also serves as a comprehensive source of information about the Illuvium games, including Illuvium Arena, Overworld, and Zero. These games are set to debut in the Open Beta in Q1 2024, marking a milestone for the Illuvium Universe.

Illuvium’e Best New and Upcoming Features

According to the blog post, some of the new features that have been added to the IlluviDex include:

  • Offers Functionality: Users can now negotiate prices with other traders, adding more flexibility and engagement to the marketplace.
  • Personal & Dynamic: Users can see the popular items, recent sales, and active buyers on the IlluviDex, creating a sense of community and market trends.

IlluviDex: The Ultimate Hub for Illuvium Universe

Some of the upcoming features that are in development include:

  • New Structural Layout: Assets will be organized by game-specific categories, making it easier for users to understand which assets apply to which games and how they can be used across different games.
  • Card Stacking: Users can browse asset collections more easily without having to scroll through thousands of individual instances of assets. This will provide an overview of all the unique asset types in a given collection.
  • Sitewide Cart Checkout: Users can fill their cart with multiple items from different categories and purchase them all at once through a quick and seamless process.
  • Batch Listing for Power Users: Users can list multiple assets at once with just a few clicks, saving time and hassle.

The blog post also thanked the Illuvium community for their feedback and support, stating that they are committed to continuously improving the player experience and making the IlluviDex the go-to hub for all things Illuvium.

The IlluviDex is expected to play a vital role in connecting the multiple strands of the Illuvium Universe and showcasing the interoperability and cross-functionality of its assets. With its new features and updates, it will provide a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for both newcomers and veterans of the Illuvium platform.

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