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Planetfall: Drop and Details About ParalLel New Expansion

The Parallel Trading Card Game (TCG) community will soon witness the arrival of the Planetfall expansion. This expansion has been highly anticipated by the community and could represent a game-changer.

Parallel provided a sneak peek of what’s to come in the new expansion, with details about the packages and cards that will be available for purchase.

The expansion, which marks a new path in the world of this card game, will include fresh abilities for each Parallel faction and powerful new cards that will redefine gameplay strategies.

An excellent visual narrative featuring new characters and settings, as well as immersive conceptual artwork that represents the epic battle for Earth.

There will be player packs, collector packs, and collector crates available at different costs.

paralel planetfall features

Planetfall is a Fresh Start

Player packs are designed for those looking to enhance their Planetfall card collection and predominantly contain Commons and Uncommons, with a slim chance of acquiring Rares and Primes.

Collector packs, on the other hand, provide a higher probability of getting Rares. Each purchase of a Collector pack includes an “All Out War Card,” which serves as a raffle ticket for the Ultimate Pack Giveaway.

Collector crates are for bulk buyers, offering a discounted bundle of 10 Collector packs, and they come with additional perks, including an “Armada of One Card Back,” equivalent to 11 raffle tickets for the Ultimate Pack Giveaway.

The Ultimate Pack Raffle is a coveted prize for collectors, guaranteeing a Masterpiece, all three new Keys, and six randomly selected SE cards.

Only five lucky buyers of Planetfall Collector Packs or Crates will win this exclusive pack through the raffle.

However, hese are just some of the new features included in the expansion set to launch on October 28th. Players should be ready not to miss any of the exciting details Parallel has in store for them.

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