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Ronin Announced That Puffverse, an interactive, immersive 3D universe, is Joining its Network


  • Puffverse officially lands on the Ronin network, offering an immersive experience and player interaction.
  • PuffGo, its flagship game, introduces innovative play-to-earn mechanics with over 16 mini-games and the ability to collect and customize NFTs of unique characters.
  • The $3 million financial backing, led by Animoca Brands and other investment groups, demonstrates confidence in its growth potential.

Puffverse formalizes its arrival on the Ronin network. This new platform will provide an experience based on immersion and player interaction. Its flagship game, PuffGo, will lead the way.

PuffGo is a multiplayer party game with innovative play-to-earn mechanics. With a variety of over 16 mini-games, players can compete against each other in PvP challenges or join in cooperative missions. Additionally, it offers the possibility of collecting NFTs of unique characters, such as Patty the dinosaur or Pop the fish, and customizing them with a wide range of outfits and abilities.

The Puffverse community is excited about the opportunity to earn IGO points while playing PuffGo. Which will eventually allow them to obtain PUFF tokens once they are launched on the Ronin network. These tokens will be the main currency within the Puffverse ecosystem. Allowing players to purchase NFTs, upgrades, and other in-game items.

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Puffverse Receives Backing from Animoca Brands

The financial and strategic backing behind Puffverse comes from a $3 million funding round led by Animoca Brands and the participation of several other investment groups such as Spartan Group, Foresight Ventures, and HashKey Capital. The sector shows strong confidence in Puffverse’s growth potential and vision for the future of online gaming.

Furthermore, the migration to the Ronin network will be a catalyst for its 3D universe. Making it more accessible to both Web2 and Web3 users. With Ronin’s support in key areas such as marketing, operations, and user acquisition. Puffverse will be able to reach new heights and expand its player base.

The team behind Puffverse is focused on delivering quality games and building a comprehensive ecosystem that includes NFTs, tokens, and a cloud computing platform vision to enhance gaming experiences in the open metaverse. With the support of strategic partners and an enthusiastic community. Puffverse is ready to make its mark in the world of online gaming and continue to grow in the future.

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