Heroes of Mavia Discloses an Updated Emission Schedule for its Token
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Heroes of Mavia Discloses an Updated Emission Schedule for its Token


  • The modification to the $MAVIA issuance schedule will reduce token unlocks by more than 80% until February 2025.
  • The circulating supply will remain below 14% until February 2025.
  • There will be no token distributions to advisors or the team for the next 10 months, and other token allocation categories will see 80% reductions in issuances.

The recent modification to the issuance schedule of $MAVIA, announced by @MaviaGame, has generated a significant impact on the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

This initiative primarily aims to reduce token supply pressure and stabilize prices, potentially increasing investor confidence in the project.

Implementing a reduction of token unlocks by more than 80% until February 2025 represents a strategic and decisive step that reflects Mavia’s dedication to ensuring the enduring sustainability of its proprietary token, $MAVIA, over the long run.

This proactive measure further guarantees that the circulating supply of Mavia will stay under 14% throughout this duration, potentially fostering a favorable outlook on the token’s value within various market sectors.

Among the noteworthy adjustments, one stands out prominently: the temporary cessation of token distributions to advisors or team members for the ensuing 10 months.

This particular decision to temporarily halt token distributions to advisors or team members aligns seamlessly with broader strategies aimed at optimizing token utility and ensuring market stability within the Mavia world.

This measure seeks to align incentives within the Mavia ecosystem

One of the primary goals is to steer clear of an overwhelming amount of tokens flooding the market, which might have an adverse impact on the token’s value.

Furthermore, there will be an 80% decrease in the issuance of tokens across all other allocation categories throughout this specified timeframe.

This fair reduction underscores a well-rounded strategy towards overseeing the token supply, guaranteeing steady and sustainable expansion alongside impartial distribution among all network participants.

These deliberate alterations mirror the team’s seasoned judgment and forward-thinking approach driving Mavia’s endeavors into the future.

By providing transparency and stability in token management, Mavia demonstrates its commitment to the long-term success of its blockchain project and the value of its native token to the community of investors and users.

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