Animoca Brands announced today a collaboration with Honda Motor to co-develop Web3 automotive gameplay
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Animoca Brands announced today a collaboration with Honda Motor to co-develop Web3 automotive gameplay

In an exciting announcement, Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and Animoca Brands Japan have revealed a strategic collaboration with Honda Motor’s to co-develop transportation and vehicle-related aspects in the upcoming AAA sci-fi game, Life Beyond.

Life Beyond, a metaverse game where players build a new civilization on the planet Dolos, will embark on a new era of transportation thanks to Honda’s involvement.

The collaboration, facilitated by Animoca Brands Japan, will integrate Honda’s world-class innovation and craftsmanship into Life Beyond, transforming the gaming experience.

The partnership involves the co-creation of new game elements and assets related to transportation, including in-game items, activities and special characters called Ordinals, which will highlight Honda’s presence in the virtual world of Dolos.

Additional details on these Animoca Brands additions will be released on the official Life Beyond website.

Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise, expressed his excitement about establishing a deep relationship with Honda as a key automotive partner.

He highlighted that, beyond adding utility and style to the game, the collaboration will generate ideas and innovations that will greatly improve the gaming experience.

Darewise, Animoca Brands Japan and Honda Team Up to Revolutionize the Life Beyond Game with Web3 Automotive Innovation

Darewise Entertainment, recognized for its expertise in the AAA gaming industry, is part of Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 company that uses blockchain technology to provide digital property rights.

The Life Beyond game, developed and published by Darewise Entertainment, aligns with the open metaverse philosophy, placing an emphasis on true ownership and interoperability.

Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary in Japan, supports Web3’s global strategies for Japanese content and intellectual property owners.

It combines IPs with blockchain technology, building ecosystems through Web3 services and serving as a bridge between Japanese IPs and global fans.

The alliance between Darewise, Animoca Brands Japan and Honda represents a notable merger between the gaming and automotive industries, capitalizing on Web3 technology and underscoring the open metaverse philosophy.

This collaboration is expected to not only enhance the Life Beyond game, but also sets an exciting precedent for future integrations between the real world and virtual universes.

With a focus on innovation and creativity, this joint project promises to take the player experience to new heights in the world of Dolos.

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