Rebel Bots Planning Web3 Gaming Revolution with Epic Wars
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Rebel Bots Planning Web3 Gaming Revolution with Epic Wars

Rebel Bots, the team behind the popular Xoil Wars game, is excited to announce their second title – Epic Wars. This free-to-play game will be on the App Store later this year and it will change the web3 gaming landscape.

So, let us look at the key features of Epic Wars and what the company behind it is planning.

Why the Second Game?

Web3 gaming is still in its early stages, with a very small portion of the billions of mobile gamers worldwide. To make it work, Rebel Bots is going to use Epic Wars to show web2 gamers the benefits of NFTs in gaming. By running alongside Xoil Wars, Epic Wars will aim to bring these players to the platform’s web3 native titles.

Benefits to the Project

Epic Wars will be free and available on the App Store, making it easy for players to join the fun. It will also bring revenue from day one using normal mobile game monetization methods. This will benefit the Rebel Bots project with a steady income. So, the team can work on more fun and exciting games as well.

Unraveling the Origin Story

Epic Wars serves as a prequel to Xoil Wars, taking players back to the year 2052. In this time, Rebel Bots and humans are locked in a battle to escape from Earth. Players will time travel and join them in their fight for freedom, experiencing an immersive and action-packed storyline.

Rebel Bot Collections Holder Rewards

Rebel Bot Collections Holder Rewards

The platform values the support of their NFT collection holders and is going to reward their loyalty. As VIPs, collection holders will get exclusive rewards and benefits before the launch of Epic Wars. These may include in-game items, early access to new features, and more.

Launch Timeline and Future Prospects

Epic Wars will launch later this year, after the release of Xoil Wars. The team is sure that Epic Wars will attract millions of web2 gamers and help to grow the industry. Also, with its fun gameplay and easy platform, Epic Wars has what it takes to change the way we think about blockchain games.

More Bullish News to Come!

The game platform has a lot more exciting news to share about Epic Wars in the coming months. Stay tuned for sneak peeks, airdrop details, new $RBLS utility, and more. Finally, the team will keep engaging their community and inform them as they work towards the launch of Epic Wars.

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