Crabada Week 22 Arena Challenges
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Crabada Unveils Week 22 Arena Challenges

In its usual fashion, Crabada has unveiled the week 22 Arena challenges. Changes in this edition focus on tickets, factional recent and the battling system. While making the announcement, the teams stated that the newly-introduced mechanics would only be available in the Arena Mode. This will ensure that players have an effective week.

Details of the Crabada Week 22 Arena Challenges

The Crabada week 22 Arena Challenges will run from the 28th of November till the 4th of December. To ensure a more competitive gameplay, the team will introduce changes to the basic battle mechanics. Some of the modifications include those listed below:

  • True Colours: Crabada is announcing that players can enter the arena at a maximum level of 100. This implies that players can battle with their avatars at its full strength, unlike in previous editions.
  • Arena Tickets: Instead of 4 hours, tickets will refill within 2 hours. In addition, players will now have as much as 6 tickets. This will enable players get more chances of finishing high up the leaderboard and earn from the prize pool.
  • Secret Weapon: There will be a new twist to the gameplay in week 22. Unlike in previous edition, users will only see 2 Crabadas in their enemies line up. The third avatar will be hidden. However, the announcement did not state if the players will select which weapon to hide in the UI.
  • Factional Revenge: As with usual practice, there will be changes to the factional recent this week. Follow this link for more info.
  • Material Chests: The top-ranked 500 players will share material chests of multipliers up to 10,000 times.
  • Crystal Shells: Regardless of their spot on the leaderboard, every Arena player will receive crystal shells.
  • User EXP: Players who finish in places outside the top 500 will get User EXP as rewards.
  • Rubies Reward: Alongside material chests, the top 500 Arena players will get Ruby rewards.
  • USDC Reward: Depending on the fees collected, top ten players will share variable USDC rewards. Prizes will be sent directly to player wallets.

Crabada Maintenance

Crabada Maintenance Announcement

Between 7:00 and 7:30 AM UTC, Crabada underwent a maintenance. During the period, Breeding, Morphing and Deposits to Battle Game were suspended. This update focused on fixing bugs that were adversely affecting gameplay experience and ensure the game was ready for the new weekly challenges.

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