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Illuvium Discloses Details of Pre-Season 1 to Pre-Season 2 Testnet Transition


  • Illuvium has announced the transition to Pre-Season 2 of its Testnet Airdrop, strengthening its development and engaging the player community.
  • Pre-Season 1 will conclude on June 30, 2024, focused on accumulating ILV points and rewarding participants with 20,000 ILV.
  • Pre-Season 2, starting on July 1, 2024, will introduce new missions and opportunities to earn ILV points, including daily and weekly tasks and point multiplier rewards.

Illuvium has announced the transition to Pre-Season 2 of its Testnet Airdrop, marking a crucial step in its development and fostering active participation from its player community. This new phase follows the successful conclusion of Pre-Season 1, which focused on accumulating ILV points and is set to end on June 30, 2024.

During Pre-Season 1, Illuvium allocated 20,000 ILV to reward participants, who can now begin claiming their tokens with a three-month vesting period starting from the closing date. The process ensures players can unlock 50% of their rewards immediately, with the remaining portion gradually distributed over the next three months. Any claims made outside the designated period will result in forfeiture of the unvested portion, which will be returned to the treasury for future initiatives.

Illuvium Leverages Community Feedback

Looking ahead, Pre-Season 2 will focus on specific missions designed to enhance gameplay experience and maintain community interest. With an additional 10,000 ILV added, this phase introduces a variety of daily and weekly tasks, as well as long-term achievements that offer more points and point multipliers. Time-limited missions will also be included to keep gameplay dynamic.

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The Illuvium community has played a pivotal role in the development process, providing feedback that has helped refine and balance the game. While debates have arisen regarding the points structure during Pre-Season 1, the insights gathered have been crucial to the project’s evolution. This phase has also significantly accelerated data collection and economic adjustments, laying the groundwork for future improvements and developments.

With Pre-Season 2 set to commence on July 1, 2024, following a game update. Illuvium invites all players, new and returning alike, to actively participate and seize this opportunity to compete on an equal footing for the remaining rewards.

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