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Genopets Introduces New Habitat/Harvesting Rework


  • Genopets has announced significant changes to its structure and economy, aiming to simplify Web3 aspects and establish a solid foundation for its growth.
  • Resource harvesting will now depend on the sum of the levels of all active habitats, with $KI released in a fixed pool and distributed according to “habitat weight.”
  • Sub-habitats will be eliminated, and only level 10 habitats will be able to terraform, splitting into two level 1 habitats, while terraform seeds will be used for future missions and crafting.

Genopets, the popular blockchain game, has announced a series of significant changes to its structure and economy. These changes, discussed at the latest community town hall, aim to simplify the Web3 aspects of the game and establish a more solid foundation for its growth.

One of the most important changes is the restructuring of the harvesting and habitat system. From now on, resource harvesting will no longer be based solely on an individual habitat. Instead, the total harvestable $KI will depend on the sum of the levels of all active habitats. Additionally, habitats will no longer produce $KI according to the current whitepaper rules; instead, $KI will be released in a fixed pool. Each active habitat will be able to claim a share of this pool, determined by its “habitat weight,” calculated using a formula that includes a habitat multiplier and the GENE weight.

Habitat leveling will also see some changes. Habitats can now be upgraded from level 1 to level 10. This process will require accumulating experience points (XP) and performing an upgrade action. XP can be obtained by converting $KI or merging other habitats. Habitat upgrades will also involve using crystals and GENE, with costs increasing at each level.


Genopets Ends Sub-Habitats

Another important change is the elimination of the sub-habitat feature. In the new system, habitats will no longer be able to connect to each other. Eliminating the complexity of distinguishing between primary and sub-habitats. During the transition to the new system, connected habitats will have the option to merge or disconnect and be sent to the player’s wallet. Habitat merging will require a verified signature from the owner and will convert existing habitats to be compatible with the new leveling and harvesting mechanics.

Additionally, terraforming will undergo significant changes. Only level 10 habitats will be able to terraform, splitting into two level 1 habitats. Terraform seeds will no longer be necessary for this process. Although they will remain important as ingredients for crafting and future missions.

These changes are designed to create a more sustainable economy. Simplify the technical aspects of the game, and encourage greater player participation. The development team is working on these changes, and implementation dates will be announced in advance. Genopets will update its whitepaper once the changes have been implemented. In the meantime, the community can consult available informative articles for more details.

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