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Faraland Releases New Weekly Updates

The multi-player RPG NFT-based game on BSC, Faraland, has released a new weekly update covering completed projects, work-in-progress, and upcoming projects. Here are the details of Completed Projects according to the game platform.

Wheel of Fortune Design

  • Low Rarity Materials: These are assigned primarily in the low/medium farming locations to enable most players to farm since their heroes have weak/medium strength. Players in this category will find it hard to farm high-rarity materials within high farming locations.
  • High Rarity Materials: These will allow players with strong heroes to stake and get rewards in a “lazy way” since they are unlikely to farm. Players will have adequate low and high rarity materials for their crafting.

Four New Equipment Sets and Three Unique Items

Faraland also released four new equipment sets and three unique items, which launched on September 15. It mentioned that the set items in the “Lady of the Lake” feature will not come with sub-weapon and main-weapon. They will appear within the Crafting feature.

Five New Staking Quests

These quests will give more opportunities to obtain tickets and use the Wheel of Fortune. 

PvP Tournament – The Era of Legionnaire

The PvP Tournament – The Era of Legionnaire started on September 14 and will end tomorrow, September 21. The season has a total prize pool of 26,700 $FARA and other in-game assets, including Soul Stones, Demon Essence, Aqua Crown, Dark Butterfly, Rotten Meat, Chaos Oculus, and others.


Highlights of Projects in Progress

Faraland currently has several designs and projects its team is working on to improve the gaming experience on its platform. These work-in-progress projects include:

  • Animation upgrade for PvE mode
  • Designing of Mailbox System
  • Designing of rewards for each ranking milestone for the PvP mode
  • Designing a counter for the minimum number of battles to complete to receive rewards in the PvP mode
  • Designing a pop-up interface for logging into the game to alert players of the newest updates.

Upcoming Projects

Faraland is not resting on its oars as the team is consistently working to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to its users. Some upcoming projects players can look forward to on the game platform include:

  • Addition of new bosses in camps across levels
  • Addition of seven new active race skills
  • Equipment and set effects
  • Accuracy mechanism development for the PvP mode

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