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GamerGains Launches the First-Ever Crypto Play-and-Earn Platform

GamerGains, a play-and-earn crypto gaming platform, has announced its plan to launch the first-ever crypto-based play-and-earn platform for traditional gamers worldwide. The game platform announced this at the close of its seed round where it raised about $5.8 million to support the development of the game.

The new game would be launched on both consoles and PCs and would give traditional gamers the chance to earn crypto rewards without any crypto experience or having a digital wallet. The launch of the game will create an accessible platform for traditional gamers to explore and enjoy the manifold advantages of Web3.

What does the Crypto Play-and-Earn Gaming Means for the Gaming Community?

GamerGains aims to combine its passion for traditional console and PC gaming experience with Web3 innovations. This will allow gamers from different backgrounds to play and earn via transparent and fair contests, tournaments, and challenges.

The platform will provide a crypto-based home for all traditional gamers where they can maintain their favorite titles and consoles while exploring Web3 innovations. In pursuit of this vision, GamerGains has already secured ample seed funding from crypto investors and high-profile tech companies.

Some of the investors include FTX Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, Winklevoss Capital, Tiger Global, Third Prime, CMS Holdings, and Global Founders Capital.


When can Gamers expect the Game Launch?

GamerGains plans to launch the beta version of the crypto play-and-earn gamin for PC games first in the coming spring. The console version will follow later in the year. Interested players can sign up for the waitlist to participate in the beta test.

Participants can also follow the game platform on Twitter and join the Discord community to gain access to up-to-date information as events unfold in the community.

More Details about GamerGains

GamerGains Labs is based in Miami and is the first-ever cryptocurrency and token-based play-and-earn gaming platform that serves traditional gamers. This is a community of millions of players from across the world who enjoy playing games on consoles and PCs, including PlayStation and Xbox.

The game platform will offer an easy-to-use gaming interface through its innovative platform and enable members to earn cryptocurrency through a transparent, impartial, automated contest lifecycle. The platform will also feature immediate payout settlement for players to make the overall experience more rewarding.

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