Blowfish Studios Volunteer Game Testers
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Blowfish Studios is Seeking Volunteer Game Testers

Blowfish Studios has announced the opening for volunteer game testers. This opportunity is open to interested persons, including those below 18yrs. However, they will need the backing of their parents or guardian. In addition, it is not vital that participants have any GameFi experience. The essential thing is their commitment and knowledge of video games.

These games are rated 15+ and may contain violent scenes, curse words and other adult content. While issuing this update, the developer did not state what type of gameplay players would engage in. Instead, there seems to be a wide variety, and the options are not limited to just GameFi.

Interested persons can choose from the following genres:

  • Blockchain games
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Action
  • Casual
  • Horror
  • Puzzle
  • RPG
  • MMO
  • MOBA
  • Retro or Pixel Art
  • Open world
  • Strategy
  • Sports or Motorsports
  • Trading or Collectible Card

These games are also open to users of the following gaming consoles:

  • PC, both Windows and Linux Computers
  • MacBooks and Other iOS Devices
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android Devices

Before joining, note that there are no monetary rewards, even for the blockchain games. As compensation, Blowfish will recognize the effort of every participant. On their part, players will earn the bragging rights of being the first to try out these projects.

You must also be committed to providing the development team with adequate feedback. Furthermore, you cannot share play test information with any third party. This implies that users cannot share screenshots and videos of gaming content or give their feedback via public spaces like social media.

How to Become Part of the Blowfish Studios Volunteer Game Testers

Blowfish Studios Volunteer Testers Rewards

If you want to become part of the Blowfish Studios volunteer game testers, follow these steps:

  • Fill out this Google form with your correct details.
  • If you are below 18 years, get your parent or guardian to sign the undertaking on your behalf.
  • Join the Blowfish discord server

Before partaking in this event, kindly note that these projects are still in their development stages. This implies that you will encounter buffs, glitches and various malfunctions. As you engage in gameplay, you are expected to document everything you notice and give feedback to the development team through the appropriate channels.

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