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Alien Worlds & NFT Panda Start the 3rd Season of Crossing Universes

The collaboration between NFT Panda: World of Fantasy and Alien Worlds Planet Magor Syndicate is entering its third season, bringing forth novelties that promise to enhance the participants’ experience. Following the success of the previous collaboration, the community played a crucial role by providing positive feedback and valuable suggestions, translating into thrilling changes.

One of the key innovations in this new season is the increased flexibility with NFTs. Now, participants can send them to any of the three cells in space, each assigned to a specific type of NFT. This enhancement aims to boost their utility and enable more features in the game.

Another highlight is the introduction of “Shines.” There are five different types of shines in Alien Worlds, and to obtain the next rarest shine, players need to combine four NFTs. This addition not only diversifies gameplay strategies but also gives participants the opportunity to unlock more exclusive content.

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New Items, More Mechanics and Grand Prizes

In terms of gameplay mechanics, each player now has access to three free slots. However, to open additional slots, payment with TLM tokens will be required. This change seeks to balance access and reward active participation in the game.

A novel system of Space Crystals, Sharpening, and Potions will be implemented to enhance the overall experience. Space Crystals, once merely collected, can now be spent in the NFT Panda Store to acquire special loot boxes, providing players with additional rewards for their participation, even if they do not lead the rankings.

Sharpening allows players to power up NFTs and increase the rate of Space Crystal collection. However, this mechanism is not without risks, as unsuccessful sharpenings will decrease the sharpening level of an NFT.

Potions also add to the game’s diversity, offering small immediate boosts to the player’s experience. From Small Space Power Potions to Space Power Potions. These items provide strategic advantages and can be obtained in both adventures and the in-game store.

As for the prizes, the third season introduces an updated fund with a total of 100,000 MAG. The chest allocation is 50,000 MAG. This fund will be used to acquire NFTs from the secondary market. Distributing them into chests that players can purchase with Space Crystals.

The third season, running from December 15 to February 15, promises a renewed and thrilling experience for participants.

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