Avalon: The Long-awaited Medieval Adventure Arrives at the Epic Games Store in 2024
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Avalon The Game is preparing to launch on the Epic Games Store this year

The long-awaited launch of the medieval MMORPG Avalon, developed by Danu Games, is approaching in leaps and bounds.

After three years of meticulous development, the game is ready for its debut in the Epic Games store during the year 2024.

This anticipated news comes after a successful alpha testing period in 2023, where early players enjoyed a rewarding and entertaining experience.

Inspired by the legends of King Arthur, Avalon offers players total immersion in a medieval landscape.

Exploring the vast world of the game grants the opportunity to obtain rewards in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or in-game tokens.

These rewards are essential for acquiring resources, crafting items, and collaborating with landowners to build properties, key elements within the gameplay.

The Avalon technology is strong, with support from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Epic

Additionally, Avalon has taken a cross-chain approach by recently collaborating with Immutable, expanding its integrations to the Ethereum blockchain, alongside its existing support for Polygon, WAX, and BNB.

This strategy responds to the growing interest in web3 gaming environments.

Avalon’s presence extends beyond its own gaming universe, as NFTs associated with the game are accessible on multiple secondary markets such as Opensea and Atomic Hub.

In addition, the possibility of future integrations with platforms such as Avalanche and Hedera is being considered, which promises a horizon of expansion and versatility in its digital economy.

The current focus is on the upcoming launch on the Epic Games Store, a widely anticipated event within the MMORPG community.

The mix of a medieval world, innovative game mechanics and the integration of blockchain technology has generated great enthusiasm among players.

Plans for future expansion don’t stop there.

Danu Games has its sights set on bringing Avalon to consoles like Xbox in late 2024, thus extending its reach to a broader and more diverse audience.

Avalon stands as a game that promises to immerse players in a unique experience, fusing the charm of medieval times with the technological innovations of today.

Its imminent debut in the Epic Games store and its vision of expansion to new platforms position Avalon as a title to take into account in the world of video games.

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