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Nemesis Downfall Announces New Game Mode: Eyes on the Prize


  • Nemesis Downfall introduces the new game mode “Eyes on the Prize,” combining high competitiveness and cryptocurrency prizes.
  • Players must purchase entry tickets for $1 USD in $ND tokens to participate in this new mode, contributing to the common fund known as the “Vault.”
  • The funds accumulated in the Vault are distributed among the top three players. With 60% for the first, 20% for the second, and 10% for the third. With an additional 5% allocated to the project treasury and another 5% to the reward and burn system.

The Nemesis Downfall gaming platform has just announced its new game mode called “Eyes on the Prize.” This new modality combines high-level competitive matches with the opportunity to win big cryptocurrency prizes.

In this new game mode, players must purchase an entry ticket for $1 USD in $ND tokens to participate. These tickets are used to form a common fund known as the “Vault,” to which all game participants contribute.

Once the funds are gathered, players compete against each other to win the accumulated prize. At the end of the game, the top three players in the ranking will share the funds accumulated in the Vault. With 60% going to the first place, 20% to the second place, and 10% to the third place. Additionally, 5% of the Vault is allocated to the project treasury. While another 5% is used for the reward and burn system.

To ensure fairness in competitive games, measures will be implemented to prevent self-elimination, abandonment, and exploitation of observation. This aims to ensure that all participants have a fair gaming experience.

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Nemesis Downfall: High Competitiveness and Great Prizes

In addition to skirmish competition, the new “Eyes on the Prize” mode will also include a duel mode on a map specifically designed for one-on-one showdowns. This will provide players with a terrain designed to showcase their skills.

Nemesis Downfall is the first “play-to-earn” FPS game developed with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The platform boasts an innovative approach aimed at creating and sustaining an in-game economy through $ND tokens and NFTs. It offers players the opportunity to earn money while exploring a dystopian world centered on action and challenges.

The platform seeks to provide a competitive gaming experience and open up new opportunities for players to multiply their earnings.

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