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Axie Infinity Reveals How to Use AXS Gated Forum Discussions

The popular play-to-earn game metaverse, Axie Infinity, has continued to find innovative ways to create an all-inclusive metaverse for its community member. The game platform recently released a forum designed for token-gated discussions, which is hosted by Commonwealth.

The forum aims to give the Axie Infinity community a great platform to post discussions on important topics relating to Axie Infinity’s future.

The forum has a polling feature that allows the Axie Infinity team to collate feedback on new product ideas and features. The forum will also enable detailed long-form discussions on important topics currently affecting the community.

How to Participate in the AXS Gated Forum Discussions

According to the Axie Infinity team, the token-gated forum is something that the community requested. It will allow AXS holders to contribute to the governance of the community. The forum has been created to facilitate important discussions among stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Therefore, participants in the forum must hold AXS tokens to post on the forum. The specific requirement for creating posts on some topic channels is set to 25 $AXS while posts on the general forum require that participants hold at least 15 $AXS.

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Commonwealth will check the amount you have in your wallet and the one you are staking and add them together to arrive at the total $AXS tokens you own. Suffice to mention that it only checks that you fulfill the least amount to participate in discussions and does not require that you pay any fee.

According to the game platform it already set the dual requirements to aid focused discussions among community members with the highest stake in the long-term progress and success of the metaverse.

It is also to add extra utility for the AXS token. The team mentioned that the requirements may be adjusted with time-based on the AXS price fluctuations and feedback/data gathered.

What is Commonwealth?

Commonwealth is a community-based communication platform created to boost engagement and discussions among members of a community Axie’s Commonwealth platform is a crypto-native forum with different features, such as wallet login and token gating.

Axie Infinity has chosen the Commonwealth platform because of its polling functionality and crypto-native features, which will allow the Axie Community to engage in exclusive discussions with Axie owners and AXS holders.

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