Orbitau NFT Egg Sale
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Orbitau NFT Egg Sale Goes Live

Orbitau – a turn-based combat and socializing game is announcing the sale of a new batch of egg NFT. This is the second merchandising event it as done this year. Haven sold the Immortal Eggs earlier in March 2022. While sharing this update, it also unveiled the official 3.2 upgrade to its game.

Details of the Orbitau NFT Egg Sale

The Orbitau Egg sale goes live on Tuesday the 14th of June 2022 by 6:00 AM UTC. It will feature the Rainbow Eggs that will go for 666 $TAUM per unit. They will be available until the dev team activates the breeding function into gameplay. Alongside it will be the Elements NFTs that will acquirable for the price of 888 $TAUM each. Unlike the former, these will be available until all 1000 units have been bought.

To be able to participate and increase your chances of owning any of the above NFTs, users will have to visit the Orbiatu official marketplace. After which they will have to connect their Web3 wallet like Metamask. When connecting your wallet, ensure that you choose the Smart Chain Network to avoid losing your assets

After doing so, follow these steps:

  • The left-hand side of the page displays the amount of eggs you can buy.
  • Add the amount of eggs to buy on the right side. Then click on “Buy” to purchase an egg.
  • Once you have completed this process, stay on the page for some time before closing or exiting it. If the purchase was successful, there will be a pop-up message confirming that you were able to buy an egg. Ensure you get this approval before closing the tab.
  • You can also check for the eggs you bought in the Inventory section of the game.

After completing this process, you will receive the NFT to your stock. From this section, you can choose to either transfer it or use it during gameplay. Should you decide to share it to your friends or other players, ensure to use the BEP20 network. Then follow this process:

  • Navigate to your inventory and choose the egg you want to send to the recipient.
  • Click on the transfer button below the NFT.
  • Enter the amount of units you want to transfer and click on “Transfer” to complete the process.

Orbitau Launches the Official 3.2 Update

Orbitau Launches 3.2 Official Update

Earlier on, Orbitau launched the 3.1 where it made several in-game improvements. To celebrate this current sale, it is launching the 3.2 – an upgrade to the current version. This edition will feature enhancements to the VIP and soulstone level-up interface. In addition, it is now compulsory for players to use 2 heroes for each map. Like the NFT sale, the new variant will go live on the 14th of June by 06:00 AM UTC.

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