Everdome Discusses Taking Their Metaverse from a Mere Concept to a Real Adventure
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Everdome Discusses Taking Their Metaverse from a Mere Concept to a Real Adventure

The team at Everdome reflects on the journey from the concept to the delivery of the different parts of their metaverse.

The Everdome Phoenix spacecraft will blast the Evernauts off at the start of their epic metaverse. It is a space journey and the first concept art for it came out a year ago.

Collaboration on Everdome with LunAres Research Station

The team wanted the spacecraft design to be viable near future scientific principles. They also want to host large numbers of future metaverse pioneers. So, the team worked with Leszek Orzechowski and his team at LunAres Research Station. They also needed a way for each pioneer to view the outside of the rocket. Additionally, the rocket would also fit the narrative of their journey to Mars.

Creation of the Look and Feel and Adding Details

To create the look and feel of the spacecraft, the team employed their creative concept artists. They designed the spacecraft with the scientific framework in mind. After the design phase, the project went to the development team’s hands as they turned it into a metaverse ‘reality.’

The design process also involves adding every single detail of the spacecraft, inside and outside. The ‘builders’ in their metaverse case, 3D artists, are responsible for this. Lighting is essential for the ambiance and to mimic reality well. Therefore, an environmental artist helped light the spacecraft and make it look the way it does now.

Collaboration on Everdome with LunAres Research Station

Designing the Everdome Experience

The level designers make sure the user doesn’t walk through walls or topple out of the spacecraft. They also worked on the navigation and made sure that the correct doors opened as they moved in the spacecraft. All this also needs to be happening seamlessly.

Maiden Launch and Upcoming Mars Landing Experience

The Everdome Phoenix spacecraft had its maiden launch in November and played a key role in the Mars landing experience. The EVR Phoenix will act as a shuttle. So, users will first go from Earth to the Cycler and dock with this huge craft. After that, they will go from this Cycler to the Martian surface. The EVR Phoenix will land on Mars in much the same manner as an airplane.

Many Talents at Work

The Everdome Phoenix rocket shows how the platform combines so many talents. Their scientists, storytellers, artists, designers, and developers create all the different aspects of their metaverse adventure. So, you get a truly immersive experience of discovery.

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