Axie Infinity Homeland Alpha Season 2 Goes Live!
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Axie Infinity Homeland Alpha Season 2 Goes Live!

Axie Infinity Homeland is a land-based experience of the popular blockchain game. Finally, it has launched its second season and we’re excited about it.

This new season promises to bring great new features and rewards to players. Here’s everything you need to know about Homeland Alpha Season 2.

Axie Infinity Homeland S2 Leaderboard Rewards

Just like in Season 1, players can earn AXS rewards by placing on the Adventure and Land Development leaderboards. The competition will last for 30 days, and players will have to work hard to climb to the top. Season 1 winner Kyroh will be looking to defend their crown. However, will they be successful, or will a new challenger rise to the top?

Homeland Dashboard Makes the Game Much More Bearable?

One of the new features in Homeland Alpha Season 2 is the Task Management board. This lets players track their Axie activity, building progress, gathering status, and more across their plot. So you will not feel the need to pull your hair out while waiting now. This new feature will enable players to be more organized and efficient and make it easier to compete against others.

Homeland Dashboard Makes the Game Much More Bearable?

Axie Infinity Homeland’s Smart Equip System

Homeland Alpha Season 2 also has the new Smart Equip system. This is the latest upgrade to the dashboard. It lets players see specific stats, prices, and more in a single place before going into battle. So, the feature is key for players to prepare for PvP, and that will come in the next season.

Seasonal Achievement Rewards

Players can now earn Seasonal Achievement Rewards by meeting new targets on their land. These rewards include cool titles for the skilled players who earn them. The team aims to make every minute of Axie Infinity Homeland feel incredible. So, this is a major step towards that.

More Fun Features Expected

Axie Infinity Homeland has only been around for four months. However, it is already a key part of the Axie experience. The game platform is working hard on land delegation and will keep players updated on the progress as they near completion. All building progress from this season will remain until the end of the alpha. So, all resources and materials owned by players will be reset at the end of this season.

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