Axis Infinity Origin S3 Off-Season Updates
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Axis Infinity Releases Origin S3 Off-Season Updates Featuring Beast Blitz Part 1

Axie Infinity has released the intended Origin S3 off-season updates. The upgrades will keep players busy while the team prepares for another eSports series. This announcement comes after the conclusion of Season 3, with Theeban SIlva emerging as the winner for the fourth time in a roll. The Mystic Era also oversaw some iconic moments.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origin S3 Off-Season Updates

The Axie Infinity Origin S3 Off-Season Updates will feature a leaderboard. This is a reintroduction of the rankings, as it was suspended in prior editions. In this regard, up to 10,000 people will earn prizes for finishing in the top places. The rewards include Rare Runes, Rare Charms, Moonshard, Mystery Boxes, and Dancing Ghosts.

Players are encouraged to fight for the highest-ranking positions because they can use the digital items they earn from the off-season in Origin Season 4. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity did not state what people can earn from the mystery boxes. However, they are encouraging everyone to share their predictions on Twitter. Make a tweet using the hashtag #WhatsInTheBox and tag @AxieInfinity on Twitter.

Off-Season Beast Blitz Modes

Off-Season Beast Blitz Modes

Away from the leaderboard, Axie Infinity is introducing the Beast Blitz Part 1. From the 21st of April to the 5th of May, owners of Beast Axies will play the Blitz Mode and earn Moonshards or other in-game cosmetics. This is the first stage of a 2-part event. Considering that this is the maiden edition, there will be no leaderboards.

Instead, players will receive prizes when they reach specific milestones. They can reach these milestones by scoring points. This can be done by completing various tasks. The assignments include winning or losing ranked Arena battles in Origin. There are 13 different missions, and users can earn up to 100 points, depending on the task they complete.

Part 2 of the Beast Blitz Mode will begin on the 5th of May. Unlike the first edition, it will only run for 3 days and end on the 8th of May. It will also feature a leaderboard, ranking contestants according to how fast they can reach the 2000 points mark. The best players will receive 500,000 $SLP and additional prizes.

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