Nakamoto Games 7 New Web3 Games
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Nakamoto Games Set to Launch 7 New Web3 Games

Nakamoto Games has announced the addition of 7 new web3 games to its portfolio. Before this update, there were already 160+ gaming projects on that platform. This addition brings the total gaming options in this blockchain ecosystem to 170. There are other significant developments regarding the entire ecosystem.

Details of Nakamoto Games 7 New Web3 Games

While announcing the 7 New Games that will be part of its ecosystem, Nakamoto Games did not state their names or other details. Furthermore, the team did not say the exact release dates of these new additions. Nonetheless, they assured community members that these are novel projects that have never featured on the website.

However, they stated they would be migrating 3 free-to-earn options into play-to-earn. This initiative will enable players to stake their tokens and earn massive rewards from various prize pools. Henceforth, only those who pay for the buy-in can access these gameplay options.

Nevertheless, Nakamoto compensates for this migration by making 4 free to play games of the soon-to-be-launched gaming options. These gaming options will also incorporate Story Modes. This feature will ensure that players have a sense of purpose while engaging in gameplay.

$NAKA Twitter Challenge and Other Updates

Nakamoto Games 7 New Twitter Contest

Nakamoto Games Arcade Emporium will also go live on the 2nd of March. This platform enables players to set up virtual arcades and earn a 3% commission whenever someone plays in it. The first edition of this series is Gold Rush and will begin by 10:00 UTC on the earlier stated date. Users can purchase the required NFTs to enable them to incorporate games into their arcade.

In other news, Nakamoto has launched avatars on the Reef blockchain. As part of the plans to go multichain, the team is trying out new networks for digital assets. The process will give players more minting options for their NFTs. Besides providing multiple alternatives to choose from, it will also reduce network congestion. These in-game characters will have unique appearances and identities in the virtual world.

Meanwhile, the $NAKA Twitter Challenge is set to begin on Friday, the 3rd of March, 2023. Community members can share from the $400 prize pool by creating memes, infographics, videos, livestreams, and threads about the game,

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