My Neighbor Alice Introduces a Unique Reward System
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Crafting Meets Staking: My Neighbor Alice Introduces Unique Reward System

Blockchain gaming enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate as My Neighbor Alice unveils an innovative system that blends crafting and staking to reward active players.

Unlike traditional staking systems, My Neighbor Alice offers a unique approach that adds value to in-game items and ensures a guaranteed floor price for them.

The platform’s strategy revolves around the $ALICE token, combining it with crafting in-game items.

Crafting these items involves using $ALICE tokens as collateral, effectively making them more valuable in the digital market. This exciting development aligns perfectly with My Neighbor Alice’s brand strategy.

In Alpha Season 3, players who craft items using $ALICE tokens will see 50% of the purchase price counted as collateral. As a result, these players will passively earn rewards for each crafted item, thanks to the staking system introduced by the platform.

An example provided by My Neighbor Alice illustrates the concept. If a player invests 10 $ALICE to craft a table, 5 $ALICE will be staked, generating rewards for the player. This staking system ensures that every item maintains a balance of $ALICE, guaranteeing a floor price and consistent value for NFTs.

My Neighbor Alice Allows Players to Have Control

In Alpha Season 4, players have the option to burn an item and reclaim the collateral amount. However, it’s crucial to note that once an NFT is burned, it, along with any associated rewards, is irrecoverable.

Starting on October 23, 2023, the platform activated its staking feature, offering players an enticing 18% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for their participation.

Users can conveniently monitor and manage their staked $ALICE tokens, including the rewards generated through crafted items, directly on the platform’s Marketplace.

Crafting Meets Staking: My Neighbor Alice Introduces Unique Reward System

It’s essential to keep in mind that the 18% APY is valid until December 12, 2023, after which it may change.

My Neighbor Alice encourages users to claim their unclaimed $ALICE tokens at any time and provides a straightforward way to track recently claimed rewards, emphasizing transparency and user control.

This novel approach to blockchain gaming promises a rewarding experience for those who dive into crafting and staking, bridging the worlds of gaming and crypto.

My Neighbor Alice offers players an opportunity to unlock the full potential of their blockchain gameplay right in their own virtual neighborhood.

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