Axie Infinity Adds Six New Badges for Lunacians
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Axie Infinity Adds Six New Badges for Lunacians

Axie Infinity players can now get special pictures called badges on their profiles. These badges honor trainers who care for rare and unique Axies. Six new badges were added to Lunalog in the game’s home.

So, uncover the significance behind each badge and delve into the mystery that comes with the Mystery Badge. It is time to join the celebration of all the players who spend so much time in the world of Lunacia!

Types of Badges

Shiny Badge

Firstly, the Shiny Badge looks sparkly, as it should, and it is for all players with Shiny axies. These axies stand out for their twinkling look, and they are also quite fun to show off. So, if you own one, then you are in for a treat.

Summer Vibe Badge

Secondly, this badge is all about the summer vibes and is for any trainer who owns a Summer axie. These axies feel beachy with their bright colors and add to the vibrance of the game as well. They also help players enjoy summertime even more when they are playing.

Jingle All the Way Badge

Thirdly, the Jingle All the Way Badge celebrates the Christmas season, and it’s a great piece for players to showcase as well. So, any player who owns a Christmas axie can earn this badge. These axies spread the happy feel of the holidays wherever they go, and the badge is a great way to show that.

axie infinity Types of Badges

Yamato-damashii Badge

This badge waves to Japanese culture, and all players who have Japanese-style axies can get it. Their axies blend old ways with new virtual world-building and play a key role in making Lunacia nicer.

MEO Badge

MEO is all about the most helpful players, and this badge goes to the top community helpers. They lead and support others to have fun together, growing the world of Lunacia.

Agamogenesis Badge

This is a badge that awards unique axis, and specifically those who are born without parents. These special axies show how axies can change over time in new and amazing ways.

Mystery Badge from Axie Infinity

Finally, there is one badge from Axie Infinity that stays a secret for now, and we can only guess what it could be about. Axie creators want you to keep playing while you wait to see what the surprise badge brings. These rewards make it more thrilling to play on the game platform and look after axies.

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