Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0
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Citizen Conflict Releases Alpha 2.0 Features and Announces April as Release Date

Citizen Conflict is set to release Alpha 2.0 in April 2023. This is a sequel to the testnet that was launched last year. While issuing this update, the team shared insights into features that players should expect. This includes heroes, maps, abilities, tournament prize pools, and the ambassador program.

Features of the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0

Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 features a new game mode called “The Takeover.” The new addition introduces fantastic changes to the Conquest Mode. Its gameplay is very competitive and demands energy, synergy, and utilizing all hero classes strategically. The mission is to conquer and covet most locations on the map. Takeover Mode is a combination of brute force and strategy. The process is exciting to watch alone. More so, players can get a better experience by signing up to play.

Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0

The gaming session begins with teams on opposite sides of the map. There are three sections of the map: A, B, and C. A and C are the corners where teams are located. While B is the central region where battles are usually more intense.

At the start, nobody has control over any area. Gameplay begins with teams battling each other in rounds. The first to reach kill more enemies, and 1000 points will capture specific locations. The losing team respawns and tries their luck again. Meanwhile, there will be no penalties for respawning.

Citizen Conflict is adding new maps to the game. The areas include Pressburg (the Cyberpunk City) and the Airfield that houses Military Industrial sites. While the former is a Cyberpunk City, the former is a harsh wasteland with danger at every turn. Regardless of their states, each region offers players who conquer them endless opportunities.

Below is the breakdown of these new additions to the map.


  • Slovak National Parliament — A
  • Bratislava Castle — B
  • Radio Station (The Inverted Pyramid) — C


  • Fuel Storage — A
  • Hangar — part B1
  • Hangar — part B2
  • Aircraft Yard — C

New Heroes

To help players dominate the new regions, Citizen Conflict is adding new and improved heroes to the game. One of them is Tunkas, a loner from southern hell. He is a stealthy character that prefers to work alone. Another is a fortune child named Sakura, that was born into luxury. She has the camouflage ability to become invisible for a limited time.

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