NAKA Mobile App About to Get an Upgrade: In-App Purchases
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NAKA Mobile App About to Get an Upgrade: In-App Purchases

Nakamoto Games is set to add in-app purchases to its NAKA Mobile app. This will allow users to buy digital assets directly from their smartphones.

The app will feature 35 games at launch and that is huge. So, it aims to provide users with better options for managing their NAKA portfolio.

Importance of Nakamoto Games Digital Assets for Generating Yields

Digital assets play a big role in generating yields on the Nakamoto Games platform, both passively and actively. The Arcade Emporium and the NAKAVERSE offer passive yield generation services. On the other hand, P2E gaming offers the chance to have active yield generation. So, with access to these assets on mobile, users will be able to manage them more easily.

In-App Purchases for Gamers

In-app purchases will be open for all gamers and offer a way to boost their game progress and profits. This feature can be quite helpful for players who do not have the time to invest in the game actively.

Nakamoto Games Update

Nakamoto Games Sprint Objectives

To bring these features to users, the Nakamoto Games team has a set of sprint objectives for each area. These include adding the mobile app and the market on NAKA 2.0. Additionally, there will also be a redeem option for multi-chain avatars on the front end.

The backend team is also going to add a redeem option for multi-chain avatars and a game developer dashboard too. The smart contract team is focusing on two key things. They will add 3-signature contracts for NFTs and support for NAKAVERSE NFT avatars for Reef Chain and Dogechain.

QA, Interface Work and Game Dev

Quality assurance will test new games and the website while updating automated tests.

The UX/UI and game design also have a lot to do. They’ll design Strike Force’s characters, support the new Nakamoto Games website, and provide support for the mobile app UI.

Lastly, the game platform will work on Strike Force’s Facebook SDK. Additionally, they will also release new patches and add support for mobile controllers.

Final Thoughts

The NAKA Mobile app will provide users with greater ease and improve digital assets and yield generation access. With in-app purchases and the 35 games at launch, the app will be a valuable part of Nakamoto Games.

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