$GMM Token Launch on DAO Maker
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$GMM Token Launch to Hold on DAO Maker

Gamium is partnering with DAO Maker to host the $GMM Token Launch. $GMM is the governance token and medium of exchange of the Gamium ecosystem. This comes after earlier update to launch a separate IDO on VentUp. Announcement of this partnership was made via Gamium’s medium page. Here are the details.

Details of the $GMM Token Launch on DAO Maker

DAO Maker is the second launchpad of the $GMM IDO. Earlier on, Gamium announced that it will be partnering with Vent Finance for the $GMM IDO. The blockchain gaming outfit is incorporating multiple partners to increase its reach. With DAO Maker’s platform, the game has adequate help getting significant fundraising, visibility and trust. Further details on how to participate in the IDO are in this article.

$GMM Tokenomics and Benchmark

This IDO is also known as Strong Holder Offering (SHO). Below are the details of this IDO

  • Start: 1st of March 12:00 UTC
  • Deadline: 3rd of March 12:00 UTC
  • SHO Raise: $195,000 + $5,000 Gleam Round
  • Allocation Size: $200 (Users can get multiple allocation slots)

Gamium is obviously pleased to have its project on the DAO Maker Launchpad. Speaking about the strategic partnership, the CEO of Gamium spoke highly of DAO Maker. Alberto Rosas believes that the results will be massive. Here is what he had to say

“We had many negotiations with top-tier Launchpads, but we knew from day zero we wanted to launch in DAO Maker because of their great reputation, expertise, and success cases.”

About DAO Maker

DAO Maker is perhaps the most renowned Launchpad for crypto projects. They provide a platform that allows retail ventures to invest in crypto start-ups at an early stage. Gamium joins the long lists of projects on their launchpad.

DAO Maker also solves the risk of participating in token sales nowadays. This is thanks to their experience and reliability. Also thanks to their reputation, they ensure that crypto investors can safely participate in IDOs. All the while promising investors projects can raise funds to keep growing.

About Gamium

Gamium is the first Metaverse that interconnects all of them. Thereby making Avatars and assets multi-metaverse compatible. Users create their own Avatar, join exclusive events, get a job, socialize, and earn in Gamium.

The Gamium ecosystem is composed of Avatars and the Decentralized Social Metaverse of Gamium. Bring all your digital fingerprints into your Avatar. It will use your digital assets to identify you on any Web3 and Metaverse application. Build ASSETs, create experiences, connect applications, and interact with your community in the Gamium 3D fully immersive Social Metaverse.

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