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Mirandus: Gala Games Releases Amazing Details About its MMORPG Game


  • Mirandus is implementing significant improvements in the game’s technological stack, including a cemetery/purgatory system and optimization of NPC artificial intelligence.
  • A meeting was held in Austin, Texas, where Mirandus directors and key community members discussed crucial decisions about the game’s design.
  • Preparations are underway for an upcoming technical test that will be pivotal in monitoring the game’s technology and enhancing the overall player experience.

The team behind Mirandus, the open-world adventure and exploration game, developed by Gala Games, has been working to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. In a recent announcement, the advances made during the first quarter of 2024 are highlighted, showing fantastic progress in multiple aspects of the game.

One of the most significant updates pertains to the game’s technical development. Various improvements have been implemented in the technological stack. Such as the creation of a cemetery/purgatory system and the optimization of NPC artificial intelligence. These enhancements not only promise a smoother gaming experience but also lay the groundwork for future innovations in the game.

Additionally, the team had the opportunity to gather off-site in Austin, Texas, from February 8th to 10th. During this meeting, Mirandus directors and key community members discussed crucial decisions related to the game’s design. Community feedback was instrumental in making these decisions, demonstrating the team’s commitment to its players.

Fantastic Progress in Mirandus Development

Another highlight is the upcoming technical test. This test will be crucial for monitoring the game’s technology in real-time and addressing any issues that arise. While some game features may be temporarily disabled during this test. It is expected that the results will significantly contribute to improving the overall gaming experience.

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Among the specific updates to the technological stack is the implementation of an automated unit testing system for all game element manipulations. As well as the improvement of the environment art team’s tools to ensure an impressive visual appearance.

Mirandus is making strides toward its full release. With a dedicated team, an active community, and a clear vision for the game’s future. There is no doubt that Mirandus will become a benchmark in the world of open-world games. Players can expect an immersive gaming experience that will take them to a fantasy world like never before.

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