Axie Infinity implements anti-juggling measures to promote fairness in competition
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Axie Infinity: Important Updates For Origins Season 7 Mystic Era and Addresses Juggling Issues


  • Axie Infinity implements anti-juggling measures to promote fairness in competition.
  • Season 7: Mystic Era offers significant rewards worth a total of almost $200,000 in prizes in AXS and SLP.
  • The Axie Infinity player community is preparing to face a diverse and exciting goal in the new season.

In an exciting announcement, Axie Infinity, the popular cryptocurrency game, revealed major updates to address a persistent issue in its player community.

The Mystic Age is here, and with it comes a renewed focus on fairness and competitive integrity.

Season 7 brings with it the resolution of a dilemma that has plagued Origins players: juggling.

This practice, which involves the loaning, selling or trading of Axies used in the Arena during the final days of an era, has been a source of frustration and controversy.

To address this issue, Axie Infinity has implemented a drastic but necessary measure: for the last 3 days of an era, used Axies must remain on the player’s account.

Any action that violates this rule will result in losing eligibility for rewards for that era.

This decision reflects the Axie Infinity commitment to fairness and honesty in competition

Understanding the community’s concerns, they recognize that juggling undermines competitive integrity and goes against the spirit of fair play they seek to foster.

By eliminating this practice, Axie Infinity seeks to ensure that all players have a fair opportunity to compete and win.

Axie Infinity Announces Measures Against Unfair Practices in Season 7: Mystical Era

The Mystic Age also marks an exciting time for players, with a diverse meta that includes strategies like the resurgence of Jinx and the persistence of poison and sleep-based comps.

The rewards up for grabs are significant, totaling nearly $200,000 in prizes in AXS and SLP, as well as crafting materials and rewards for holders of collectible Axies NFTs.

Importantly, these updates not only benefit competitive players, but also strengthen the community as a whole.

By ensuring a level playing field and promoting fairness, Axie positions itself as a leader in the blockchain-based gaming industry.

Axie Infinity Season 7: Mystical Age marks a milestone in the evolution of the game, with important measures to address unfair practices and promote a fair and exciting competitive environment for all players.

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