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Soccer Star Kun Agüero Returns to The Sandbox’s Metaverse in Kuniverse


  • The renewed event of The Sandbox offers two unique experiences: Kuniverse and World Champions.
  • Kuniverse allows players to explore the life and career of Kun Agüero, participating in football-related missions and exploring his passions for golf, parties, and Argentina.
  • World Champions is a multiplayer game that pays tribute to Argentina’s victory in the 2022 World Cup, allowing users to connect with friends and compete together.

The virtual world has once again been shaken up with the arrival of the Kuniverse event in The Sandbox, offering users a unique experience that combines football and digital creativity. This event, returning after its initial success, features two distinct experiences: Kuniverse and World Champions, each designed to immerse players in a world of fun and competition.

Kuniverse, a single-player game, offers an intimate look at the life and career of Kun Agüero, a football legend. Players have the opportunity to embark on football-related missions and explore various aspects of the player’s life, including his passions for golf, parties, and his home country, Argentina.

On the other hand, World Champions takes the experience a step further. Offering a multiplayer game that allows users to connect with friends and compete together. This game mode is a tribute to Argentina’s victory in the 2022 World Cup, as well as the passionate celebration that took place in Buenos Aires.

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The Sandbox Offers a Group Prize of 10,000 SAND for Those Who Complete 10 Missions

To incentivize participation, event organizers have set a group prize of 10,000 SAND for those who successfully complete all missions. Eight within Kuniverse and two within World Champions.

The creative process behind Kuniverse and World Champions has been fascinating. ETER STUDIO, in collaboration with Kun Agüero. Has worked tirelessly to bring these experiences to life in The Sandbox. From initial planning to final implementation. The team has placed particular emphasis on capturing the passion and excitement of Argentine football. As well as providing an unforgettable experience for players.

The challenges encountered in developing these experiences have been numerous. From time constraints to the need to convey specific emotions through the game. However, the team has overcome these obstacles with ingenuity and creativity. Creating a final product of which they are extremely proud.

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