Huge News for Illuvium! Illuvial Hunting Prototype Coming in Q2
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Huge News for Illuvium! Illuvial Hunting Prototype Coming in Q2


  • Illuvium announces Illuvial Hunting Prototype, a new feature that will let players hunt and capture NFT creatures in an open-world game built on Ethereum.
  • The prototype will be released in Q2 2024 via a Public Open Beta, offering a novel and immersive experience for rangers in the Overworld.
  • The gaming community is excited about the prototype, as it showcases Illuvium’s commitment to producing AAA-quality products and pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming.

Illuvium has announced the launch of its Illuvial Hunting Prototype. The feature is set to be released via a Public Open Beta in Q2 2024. Illuvium, the world’s first Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG), is an open-world exploration, NFT creature collector, and autobattler game built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Illuvial Hunting prototype is a new feature that aims to reshape players’ experiences in the Overworld. The Illuvium team has been working behind the scenes on this prototype, recognizing the potential for improving user interactions within the Overworld. During Illuvial Hunting, rangers are presented with a distinctive and novel experience right from the outset.

The Illuvium post shared on their official website shows early footage of the wonder in the upcoming update. This will be a thrilling enhancement, providing rangers the opportunity to pursue and secure the Illuvial of their choice. This feature adds a new layer to the Overworld, allowing players to experience the thrill of seeing Illuvials in their natural environment.

The Gaming Community’s Anticipation for the Illuvial Hunting Prototype

Huge News for Illuvium! Illuvial Hunting Prototype Coming in Q2

Although the prototype is in its early stages, it exemplifies Illuvium’s commitment to producing AAA-quality experiences and products. It also demonstrates the team’s dedication to addressing challenges and creating intuitive experiences.

The Illuvium guide serves as an extensive resource, providing in-depth insights into the game’s mechanics, lore, and tokenomics. It is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced players. To fully equip themselves for the engaging journey of monster collection that Illuvium offers, players are advised to familiarize themselves with this guide.

Illuvium has a history of successful updates, and given this track record, the Illuvial Hunting prototype is expected to be a huge hit. As Illuvium continues to push the boundaries of unique possibilities in the Web3 gaming industry, the gaming community eagerly awaits the launch of the Illuvial Hunting Prototype.

Gamers are encouraged to remain alert for upcoming updates about the prototype in the following months. They are invited to partake in the exploration and share their anticipations and ideas for the impending developments. Their involvement is greatly valued.

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