GensoKishi Online Launches "GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import" Campaign
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GensoKishi Metaverse Annoinces the “GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import” Campaign and the Chance to Win big Prizes


  • The “GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import” campaign offers players a chance to win exciting prizes by importing ROND and converting it to mROND.
  • For every 50,000 mROND imported during the campaign, players receive one entry into the lottery, the draw of which is scheduled for March 4, 2024.
  • Prizes, including mMV and NFTs, will be distributed to winners the day after the drawing, adding an attractive incentive for those who participate in this exciting campaign.

GensoKishi Online, the popular online game, has announced the exciting start of its “GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import” event.

This campaign, which will begin right after maintenance on February 15, 2024, offers players the opportunity to participate in an exciting lottery with a chance to win valuable prizes.

This time around, GensoKishi Online has innovated by changing the way players can get their lottery tickets.

Instead of purchasing them in-game, players will be able to obtain tickets based on the amount of ROND they import.

This ROND import is converted into mROND, the virtual currency used in the game.

For every 50,000 mROND imported, players will receive one entry for the “GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import”.

It is important to note that these tickets will not be physically visible in the players game bag.

GensoKishi Online will calculate the total entries at the end of the campaign and announce how many have been issued for each wallet address

The campaign period will run from February 15, 2024 to February 29, 2024, with the lottery drawing scheduled for around March 4, 2024.

The prizes, as well as the points associated with them, are predefined, and the details can be consulted in the spreadsheet designated for the campaign.

Once the drawing is done, the prizes will be distributed on the next business day.

Prizes will include mmV, which will be sent directly to users gaming accounts, as well as NFTs, which will be sent to users’ wallet addresses.

This campaign offers an exciting opportunity for GensoKishi Online players to participate in a unique lottery while importing ROND to enhance their in-game experience.

With predefined prizes and transparent distribution, the “GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import” promises to be a rewarding experience for all players involved.

GensoKishi Online continues to offer exciting and novel experiences for its players, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction in the world of online gaming.

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