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The Guild of Guardians: Edition 9 Latest Development Updates

Guild of Guardians has some excellent news for all the fans! After having 1 million pre-registered players and a splendid few months, GOG is updating and will be even better!

Here are all the details about the latest game and development updates of edition 9.

Introducing Mineloader

Mineloader Studios is a premium web2 game development studio to take care of all the web2 parts of the game development. It will undoubtedly improve the gaming experience and quality as the developers have worked on some of the biggest games in the world, including The Last of Us, Final Fantasy XIV, and Final Fantasy Remake.

eSports Exclusive Sale Retro

Do you know GOG has entered into a multi-year partnership with eight of the most enormous titans in eSports to increase the reach of Web3 gaming?

Additionally, GOG plans to bring players on board by engaging in live games and constructing great strategies.

guild of guardians

Presenting the idea of a sustainable web3 economy

All the fans know GOG wants to establish a sustainable web3 economy. The ever-evolving Web3 needs more components than just pets, heroes, and energy boosters to secure the web3 economy.

Here’s what GOG is trying to focus on in 2023:

Embedding trading into the game experience

Trading is, undoubtedly, an essential part of the web3 gaming ecosystem. However, some players find the idea complex and challenging. GOG is trying to make it accessible to every player. Hence, you can consider some new updates in The Guild of Guardians related to this aspect.

Developing ways to test the economy’s sustainability

GOG is trying prototypes to address the gaps in the game, including the sinks related to the legendary heroes and equipment. And they are also researching to test the numbers and iterations and make the game, as well as the economy, enjoyable.

Investing in a storyline to make Guild of Guardians a leading franchise

Storylines make or break the game. The sooner a gaming franchise understands it, the better. The developers on the game platform are working hard to develop a new identity and compelling lore for the players. It’s a way forward to create an immersive gaming experience.

What are the marketing plans?

All these updates and development roadmap is useless with a bogus marketing plan. GOG promises a cinematic trailer to introduce all the characters and the storyline captivatingly.

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