Crabada Week 36 Arena Challenge
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Crabada Launches Week 36 Arena Challenge

Crabada has announced the launch of the Week 36 Arena Challenge. This edition features new and exciting tasks. In addition, the team is changing several rules governing the basis of PVP battles. The aim is to ensure that gameplay remains very competitive among participants. However, these modifications will only apply to these 7 days.

Details of the Crabada Week 36 Arena Challenge

The Crabada Week 36 Arena Challenge will begin on the 6th of March. It will continue till the 12th of March. Within this time, the game will refill Arena Tickets within 2 hours instead of 4 hours. In addition, players can now get as many as 6 tickets. This ensures that everyone has a higher chance of climbing up the raring.

Meanwhile, the maximum level for anyone engaging in PVP  battles over the next 7 days will be 150. In addition, crabs will have better chances of gaining legendary body parts according to the potion they take. For example, if an in-game character with Legendary Mouth and Legendary Shell, the pincers change from Normal to Legendary. The same applies to having a Legendary Horn, Body and normal Eyes.

In the meantime, Genesis Crabada will gain 25% of its base stats – DMG, HP and Armor. Similarly, there will be a 15% increase in the base stats of Origin Crabada. Although players will not earn AP for successfully defending themselves, an unsuccessful defence will result in a points deduction. To give both participants advantages, the interface will only display 2 avatars in your battle lineup.

Factional Advantages and Rewards


The top 10 players in this week’s challenge will get USDC rewards. This will be sent directly to their wallets. More so, the best 500 contestants will receive Rubies as compensation. In addition to that, this group of participants will get up to 10,000 Material Chests as prizes.

Regardless of their position on the leaderboard, all users will get Crystal Shells weekly. Those who finish outside the top 500 places will get User EXP as a reward instead of Ruby. Meanwhile, these prizes are not final and Crabada reserves the right to change them mid-season.

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