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How to Play Valhalla Metaverse Game From Floki Inu?

In September last year, Floki Inu launched Valhalla – a metaverse and NFT game. The project is governed by $FLOKI – the underlying utility token. According to the official document, this program will differ from the rest because it offers robust play-to-earn mechanics. If you want to play this game, you should continue reading this article. We will guide you on how to join the gameplay and how much you need and can earn from playing.

How to Join the Valhalla Metaverse Game

Valhalla metaverse is a turn-based NFT game that uses the free-to-play mechanism. Players can choose one of the three available characters called “Veras” to play as. Throughout gameplay, players will accumulate experiences as they accomplish milestones. They can use these to upgrade their in-game characters and increase their chances of success. Gameplay options include Gardening and Battles.

At the moment, only the testnet is available for gaming. As such, players who join in will get testnet tokens to play with. Follow these steps to add the Optism Kovan network to your Metamask.

  • Add the Metamask browser extension to your browser.
  • Visit “Settings,” “Networks”
  • Click “Add Network” to add the required network:
    Network name: Optimism Kovan
    RPC URL:
    Chain ID: 69
    Block Explorer:
  • After completing the above process, visit to claim a test token to play the Alpha.
  • Ensure to check the box below the wallet address field. You will receive one test token displayed as “ETH” in your wallet.
  • Switch to the Optimism Kovan network in Metamask.

Once your Metamask wallet is set, log on to the Valhalla Metaverse Game official website and click “Play”.

How Much Can Players Earn?

How to Play Valhalla Metaverse Game

As mentioned earlier in this article, this game is currently in its testing phase. This is also why it is free-to-play and offers users testnet tokens. In this regard, participants will not receive any financial rewards for completing gardening missions or winning battles. Instead, they will enjoy the benefits of developing working strategies at no extra cost.

However, the team has announced that the alpha version of the Valhalla Battle Arena will be available in Q4 of 2022. When that happens, players can buy in using and earn the meme token or NFTs as a reward for gameplay.

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