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Genopets Unveils the Chroma Crystals

Genopets has unveiled the Chroma Crystals in anticipation of the Legendary Lab opening. With this item, players will soon be able to customize their pets. This asset offers colour-changing features that make avatars appear more distinct and rare.

Pet masters have been looking to change parts of their in-game character for so long. Some even wished they could make these tweaks before the hatching process completes. This resulted in mixed reactions to the baby’s appearance. This is why the team empowers users with more power to decide the outcome of their pets beyond augments.

Details of the Genopets Chroma Crystals

Unlike permanent dyes, Genopets Chroma Crystals last until you change your pet’s colour to something else. You can also combine multiple options to create even more unique designs. This efficient approach does not require continuous maintenance to ensure your avatar remains fresh. However, you will need to combine the suitable pallets if you want to return to the original colour of your animal.

Genopets Chroma Crystals Types

Three different types of items will enable players to change the colours of their pets in Genopets. They include Adsynth, Subsynth and Lume Chroma Crystals. Below is a breakdown of the different options within the game:

  • Adsynth: This crystal helps to change the primary colour of your pet. This alchemical crystal changes the main shell of your Genopet. It has ten different types, each offering a different colour. They include Royal Purple, Ocean, Forest, Tangerine, Fuschia, Royal Red, Lime, Canary, Ash and Gunmetal.
  • Subsynth: Unlike the type mentioned above, this is for changing a pet’s secondary colour. It alters the Subsynth shell of your avatar. Like Adsynth crystals, it also comes in ten different colour options. They include Royal Purple, Ocean, Forest, Tangerine, Fuschia, Royal Red, Lime, Canary, Ash and Gunmetal.
  • Lume: These crystals modify the light lines of your pet.

Regarding their application, pet masters can use one crystal or all three. Going forward, funky colours will become rarer than black pets. Meanwhile, players cannot control the Chroma Crystal process or choose the colour forehand. However, the Treasure Hunt prize pool will feature limited-edition Adsynth, Subsynth, and Lume Crystals. They will also allow users to select their preferred colour pallet. This is the game platform

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