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Monsta Marketplace Black Friday Sale

Christmas is close and everyone is getting in on the festivities. Monsta Infinite is also giving its community members the Christmas vibe. This will take the form of its Monsta Marketplace Black Friday Sale. This sale offers users the opportunity to get a number of bargain deals and shopping discounts. Here are the details of the black Friday sale.

Details of the Monsta Marketplace Black Friday Sale

Monsta Infinite will be hosting its black Friday sale come Friday the 26th of November 2021. This sale will end on that same day as it will run for 14 hours – from 00:00 GMT+0 to 14:00 GMT+0. However, interested buyers should not expect the sale to last for 14 hours. This is because the limited amount of MONSTA available for sale.

In this sale, there will be a total of 70 Monstas available for sale. This includes 20 Inception and 50 Normal Monsta. The Inception will be available for 1000 xSTT. On the other hand, the 50 Normal ones will go for 100 xSTT and will have a 4 times clone usage.

There will be no bidding in this sale, as they will sell at fixed prices. The game will gradually release these assets gradually and randomly over the period of this Black Friday Sale. Releasing them gradually and randomly will enable even those who come a little late to participate. It will also make the sale even more exciting.

Monsta Marketplace Black Friday

Terms and Conditions of the Marketplace Friday Sale

  1. The sale will take place in the Marketplace at
  2. We do not have any other platforms to conduct any sales or trades and we do not endorse any third-party sales and trades.
  3. The Monstas will be released at random times to ensure fairness between the community. all the Monstas will be released within a 14-hour timeframe, from 26th November 2021 00:00 GMT+0 to 14:00 GMT+0
  4. This will be a one-time sale and there will not be any new addition of Monstas for sale other than the one stated above. The sale will end after all 70 Monstas are sold out.
  5. Monsta Infinite reserves the right to amend any details of this event without prior notice.

About Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a MMROPG that uses the play-to-earn feature of blockchain technology. Players get to earn real life rewards while exploring a card-based virtual world. They also get to train and breed in-game characters called Monstas.

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