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Crabada Set to Host Week 19 Arena Challenge

The play-and-earn idle game on Avalanche, Crabada, has announced the start of its Week 19 Arena Challenge. The event starts today, November 7, and will run until November 14.

Participants stand a chance to receive exciting rewards during this event.

Highlights of the Rules and Mechanics

According to Crabada, these mechanics only applies to the effective week of the Arena game mode. 

  • All Crabada can battle at their full strength as they participate in this week’s Arena battles at a cap of level 100.
  • The game platform will refill Arena Tickets every two hours instead of four. The maximum Tickets a participant can get is six.
  • Crabada mentioned it reversed the Factional Advantage for this week’s Arena Challenge.
  • The game platform will split each player into different tiers according to the number of Arena Points they have. As players get defeated, the mechanism will deduct specific amounts of AP based on the player’s tier and the base deduction amount.
  • The tiers available are Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each has varying Arena Points.


Highlights of Points and Rewards

Top-ranking Arena players will receive Material Chests. According to Crabada, the Material Chests are eligible for multipliers and can go as high as 10,000 times. The game platform also mentioned it has expanded the Material Chest rewards to include the top 500 players instead of the top 300 from the previous week.

Participants must understand that they cannot trade the equipment they acquire from Equipment Boxes received from rewards.

Also, the equipment will expire after a particular time. The equipment rarity determines the expiration duration. Additionally, when a player uses Materials to forge equipment, such equipment will not expire.

Details of the Expiration Duration of Different Equipment Rarity

Crabada has revealed the expiration duration for different equipment rarities from the previous weeks of the weekly Arena Challenge. The details are enumerated as follows:

  • Legend Box expires in seven days
  • Epic Box expires in fourteen days
  • Rare Box expires in fourteen days
  • Normal Box expires in 14 fourteen days

Players can find out more details about the Arena Challenge by following the official social medial channels of the game platform.

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