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What is New in Sidus Heroes Version 0.1.5?

The next-gen AAA+ browser-based play-to-earn gaming metaverse, Sidus Heroes, has continued to improve its game’s interface to offer players a better game experience. The game platform recently released Sidus Heroes Patch Note version 0.1.5 with new features and bug fixes.

The highlights of the new features include Extended Race-based Abilities, Bluffing, Weapon Energy Balance, Bug Fixes, and Tesseract Stacking in Inventory

What is included in the Extended Race-based Abilities?

Players can now use their Heroes’ race-based Abilities to protect their team members in the Battle Arena. Suffice to mention that gamers can only apply the Ability to one teammate per turn. The Abilities offer different bonuses that players can explore.

Another feature in the extended race-based Abilities is the Raptorian Race Ability known as Poison Spit. This feature will heal your teammates. Other features included in the extended race-based abilities are highlighted below:

  • Ogya Race Ability known as Fire Breath improves the Crit opportunity for the next attack and inflicts the Burning Status.
  • Voltrone Race Ability known as Electric Shock places a shied around a target and absorbs a part of the damage impacted on the target in subsequent attacks. This feature also applies to the Charged Status.

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What is the new Bluffing Ability?

The Sidus Heroes version 0.1.5 comes with a new active feature known as Bluffing Ability. This is available to all gamers in the Battle Arena. With the Bluffing Ability, players can mislead their opponents and extend their combat tactics.

The feature allows gamers to skip a turn and deceive the enemy. In other words, Heroes can pretend to hurt for six consecutive turns in a single battle. An active Bluff restores all Health Points after a Hero is damaged or defeated.  

Highlights of Interface Improvements

  • Tesseract stacking except for weapons
  • Inventory scroll bar
  • Critical damage multiplier characteristics for Heroes
  • HP bars eliminated from defeated Heroes

Highlights of Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the display of Hero’s damage to show the accurate information
  • Now displays HP damage when damage is inflicted and not after using an attack
  • Fixed the POWER value display, which shows after resetting the Skill Points
  • Heroes now display race-based Ability’s damage range correctly
  • Fixed Energy burning calculation when you trigger Effects
  • Fixed the duration of the Bleeding Status 

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